Admin Plugin Now Available

With the release of Baun v1.3.1 comes our first premium plugin, the Baun Admin Plugin. The Admin plugin for Baun gives you a familiar web-based editor for managing your content. You...

Published 16th March 2015

Plugins, Auto-Installer & More

Baun v1.2.0 comes packed with new features including an auto-installer for those without SSH access to their server, and plugin functionality. The full changelog: [New] Added auto-installer [New] Added events [New] Added Blog RSS plugin [New]...

Published 9th March 2015

Baun Forum Now Open

The BaunCMS Forum is now open for business. Ask questions and share your issues, solutions and ideas with the community.

Published 7th March 2015

Baun Now Supports Blogging

Baun v1.1.0 now supports blogging! Read the docs on how to structure your content for blogging and how to make your theme support a blog.

Published 6th March 2015