You can create a blog in Baun by creating a /blog folder inside the /content folder. Any files inside the blog folder will be treated as a "post" and not a "page". Post files should have a date (in the format yyyymmdd) as a prefix instead of the normal numerical index. This prefix will be used as the posts published date. Posts will be in descending order based on the their published date.

The blog folder can be ordered as normal using a numerical prefix. Also the name of the "blog" folder can be changed in config/blog.php if you want to call it something else (e.g. articles). Here is an example of the URL structure of some different configurations:

File URL

The blog root ( will also now be a page with using the blog template (see below).


There are several settings in config/blog.php relating to blogging. Review the config/blog.php file and its documentation for more information.


There are two templates that relate specifically to blogging:

Template Description
blog Shows a list of posts as the blog index
post Shows an individual post

For more information see the blog docs in the Themes section.