Plugin Basics

As Baun relies heavily on Composer to manage its dependencies, all plugins in Baun are also composer packages. Plugins can be installed by including them in the composer.json or by running composer require. For example:

composer require bauncms/baun-blog-rss

However installing the composer package is not enough to enable the plugin in Baun. You also have to tell Baun which plugin classes to load in config/plugins.php. For example:

return [



Publishing Config Files & Assets

Sometimes plugin's will come with their own config files or assets that may need to be published (copied into your Baun install). This can be done using the Baun CLI. To publish a plugin's config files or assets you can use the following commands:

php baun publish:config myplugin/plugin-name
php baun publish:assets myplugin/plugin-name

Where myplugin/plugin-name in the name of the plugin from the plugin's composer.json.

  • Config files will be published to the config/plugins/myplugin/plugin-name folder
  • Assets will be published to the public/assets/plugins/myplugin/plugin-name folder